Regular Cleaning

This is the service my regular clients use in order to keep their vehicle looking great. From Mum's taxi to the ultimate in luxury motoring, even the working 4x4. It takes about an hour and is a simple yet thorough clean inside and out. It's the service of choice for people wanting to keep their car looking great and a pleasure to drive but simply don't have the time or the desire to get out there and do it themself every few weeks. Available as a weekly to 6 weekly service.


Note: For regularly cleaned cars only

For cars not cleaned regularly that are in need of a bit more TLC

I would recomend my New Client Special Offer.


Small Car from

Small car $69

Standard Car $79

SUV/4x4 $89

7 seater $99

($10 discount if within 2 months of previous clean)

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What you get for your money:



  • Wheels cleaned of break dust and grime

  • Tyres & arches degreased and pressure rinsed

  • Car paintwork fully rinsed to remove loose road grime

  • Full car wash using a biodegradable and ph neutral professional car shampoo

  • All paintwork dried using dual ultra-soft microfiber cloths

  • Inside area around door shuts wiped and dried

  • Wheels and Tyres wiped dry and tyres dressed with professional grade tyre treatment.

  • All glass re-cleaned for maximum clarity

  • Paint surfaces treated with a gloss enhancing spray



  • Seats, dash, floor and boot area vacuumed (mats vacuumed if fitted)

  • Interior surfaces, including leather and plastics, dusted and wiped

  • Leather seats and trim wiped with professional leather treatment

  • Interior glass cleaned for maximum clarity

Approx. time taken: 45 min / 1 Hour

Personal belongings should be removed from your car prior the appointment. Items left in the car may be removed and neatly piled in the boot. Bulky or large numbers of items in the boot may result in the boot being omitted from the service. Seat covers left on the vehicle will not be removed as part of the cleaning service and will be cleaned as if part of the seat. (I do my best to clean under seat covers where possible)

Please Note: The end result will vary depending on the vehicles condition. This service is recommended for cars that are regularly cleaned and generally in a good condition. This  option may not provide a suitable level of service or the desired result for vehicles with further cleaning/detailing needs. Vehicles soiled with such elements as pet hair, red dust or excessive sand may incur an extra charge to produce desired result. Please feel free to ask me if you are unsure if this option is right for your car or if you have any questions prior to your appointment. I'd be more than happy to help :)