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Clay Bar -

How to get rid of the tiny little dots



When you wash your car do you have little spots still stuck to your paint? This could mean that your car has a bonded contaminant.

Particles of dirt can become imbedded into the paints surface. Simply washing your car will not remove this contaminant. This is when you may need to consider adding a clay bar treatment to your car cleaning service. Watch the video above or simply ask me when you make your booking. I will often advise my clients prior to your car cleaning service if a clay bar treatment may be of benefit.

Having your car polished every 6 to 12 months will help prevent this from happening to your paintwork.

These small spots can occur on any paint but are more visible on white and light colour cars. They are often more common on the bonnet, roof and rear of the car.

Roof, bonnet and rear only  (pricing is approximate only).

- Between $45 - $75


Full car

- Between $90 - $150


Please note - Not all contaminants are simply removed using clay bar. Some cars may need extra treatment where the contaminants are excessive (such as the picture above).

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