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Chemical Free Car Cleaning


Small Car

Standard Car $89

SUV/4x4 $99

7 seater $109

Full Price Guide

They laughed when I told them that I could wash the car with just water -
But when they saw the results...
That's correct, I can get the same result using zero chemicals at all. This cleaning option is here for the environment conscious (like me) or maybe you have an allergy or sensitivity to chemicals but you still want that new car feeling. 100% Chemical free is 100% possible.
A unique car cleaning practice that I'm extremely proud to be able to offer.

How is it possible?   Answer Micro-fiber!

I've been an Enjo convert for years and have been detailing cars using water only since 2005. I do all the same processes and produce a result that is the same as using chemical cleaning products. However, it does take longer, taking up to two hours. It's the service of choice for those sensitive to chemicals or that just want to reduce their environmental footprint - good on you!

Available with 'Regular Cleaning' from $79

Please specify a 'Chemical free' clean when making your booking.


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