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Add a quick and affordable polish to your 'regular' car clean. Just $30 to $40 will give your car a luxurious deep shine and lasting weathershield protection. Revolutionary


new product 'Golden Touch' from global industry leaders Auto Smart uses advanced Ionic Nano technology. This polish is included FREE in our 'Special Offer' clean.

While 'Golden' is good - 'Platinum' is better! AutoSmart's Platinum polish is a premium polymer wax polish that leaves a thick, long lasting protective polymer coating.

Containing weathershield polymers to protect your paint it also removes fine scratches and oxidation. From $55 to $70 extra - Half price on 'Special Offer' Clean!

Paint correction and machine compounding. This is the ultimate detailing treatment for your paintwork. Using professional grade tools and polishing compounds to turn back time on paintwork that has suffered. From swirls

buffing machine.jpg

and scratched to oxidation and fading. The result will deliver as close to 'new car' finish as possible, sometimes even better! Ask for an onsite quote at your next clean. 

You wouldn't just vacuum your dirty clothes, So why wouldn't you do more than just vacuum your car seats?

We have specialist upholstery shampooing extractor machines to deep clean your seats and carpets.


Add the basic upholstery shampoo and extraction to your 'regular' or 'Special Offer' clean for $110 to $160 extra. Please let us know prior so we can pack the machinery.

Sometimes the inside of your car gets grubby - REALLY GRUBBY! We have a solution for that as well. Give your car's interior a full scrub, including leather seats, carpets, door panels, dashboard, steering wheel, cup holders and

headliner. We get into all the little creases and crevices that the kid spills and dogs hair can get stuck in. We return your car interior to as clean as it possibly could be.

Ask for an onsite quote at your next 'regular' clean or prior to your 'Special Offer' clean

It's under the bonnet and mostly unseen. If it's dirty and you would like us to give it a good clean, we are happy to help. Safely remove dust, dirt and grime from the engine bay of your car from $55 extra

Over time the sun can damage the plastic of your headlights, leaving them cloudy and the light dim. We can reverse this sun damage and help prevent it's return using specialist products to restore the lens clarity and brighten your headlights. $40 extra with any other cleaning service.

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